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Here are typical questions about our construction products.
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  • Power Unit
  • Handheld Breaker
  • Pile Driver
  • Handheld Earth Drill
  • Rig Mounted Auger Drill
  • Rig Mounted Breaker
  • Rig Mounted Brush Mower
  • Rock Drill
  • Hand Cutter
  • Mini Crane

Power unit

Q.Can we buy coupler for UH070 in commercial ?(UH070/UH070S)

A.You can buy ISO 3/8″ coupler or FF 3/8″ in commercial.

Q.What is the fuel and oil for the engine of power unit ?(UH070/UH070S)

Q.Fuel is gasoline and engine oil is SAE10W-30 for automobile.

Q.How much is the volume of fuel tank ?(UH070/UH070S)

A. 3.2L

Q.How much difference of noise between UH070 and UH070S ?(UH070/UH070S)

A.The noise of UH070 is 74dB and UH070S is 68dB ( 7m distance and on load of 80kg/cm2 .

Q. How much is the fuel consumption of UH070 ?(UH070)

A.Approx 1.6L/ H at full throttle position.
 About 1.6L per hour or 3.2L per 2 hours in full throttle.

Q. Advise us about the engine rpm of UH070.(UH070)

A. 3600 rpm at rated output 3.7kw.

Q. How long hose can we use for UH070 ?(UH070)

A.Max 10m (3/8″) is recommendable.
 The power of tool will be down with longer hose than 10m.

Q. Advise us the hydraulic oil and the shops we can buy it.(UH070)

A.ISO VG15, 32, 46 or equevalent.
 Ask gas stand near by your location.

Q. Can we order you engine oil ?(general)

A.You can buy it at DIY center.