Leading Innovative Company “Maruzen”



 1.To ensure all those related to our company are satisfied and happy both mentally and physically.
 2.For MARUZEN to exist forever.
 3.To ensure MARUZEN constantly innovates and creates in the tradition of our founder.
 4.To utilize and foster the interchange of ideals and peoples of all the world which have been
   conducted since 1967.
 5.To continuously strive to be No.1 in all our endeavors, not accepting less.


Declining birthrate and an aging population in Japan and warming of the earth, growth of population, food crisis and ethnic dispute or religious conflict, etc. in the world, we have a bunch of very real problems in this 21 century.
This makes our social structure change rapidly to the direction which will be difficult to predict but we believe our mission statement is the foundation of our business and invariant even though our social structure changes.
Based on this concept, I manage MARUZEN KOGYO CO., LTD.




Our company has been growing as a manufacturer of small construction machines, automobile inspection facilities, and strapping and packing machines while having much support from all of our customers. Thank you to you all, based on a spirit of our founder, “CREATION”, we have started the business 66th year since August 2019.

Our overseas business has been growing with a focus on hydraulic tools.
We appreciate customers who have been choosing our products.

Some of the concerns are increasing in some of the countries that have led the global economy, such as a relationship with the US and China, the UK leaving from EU, and slowdown of the US economy.
Business environment expected to be difficult for the next 1-2 years.

However, we would like to speed up the development of new products by getting in touch with our customer directory and listen to their requests.
Thereby, we will continue aiming to be the manufacturer that customers need more than ever.

Together with all of our employees, we will make every effort to maintain and built a relationship with all of you who are concerned with us.

We hope to receive your continued support and cooperation.

Aug.01, 2019
Yukio Suwabe / President
Maruzen Kogyo Co., Ltd.