Leading Innovative Company "Maruzen”


Mishima Goh was a motorcycle which Isaku Suwabe, founder of Maruzen Kogyo Co., Ltd., manufactured in 1950’s.

Established parts machining factory in Tokyo.
Established Mishima Aircraft Ltd. at where now we have our Minami-Futsuka city warehouse and manufactured engine parts for aircraft as a subcontract of Nakajima Aircraft.
When Tokyo was attacked by air bomb at World War II, he came back to his hometown, Mishima city in Shizuoka prefecture.
Changed the company name to Mishima Koki Ltd.
Manufactured daily commodities and sewing machines.
From this age, started to produce samples of motorcycles.
Established Mishima Motors Co., Ltd.
Started to sell Mishima Goh to all over Japan which engine and body were all made in in-house.
Annual products rate of motorcycles reached to 10,000 sets level and became one of the Top makers of motorcycles in Japan.

Mishima Goh S
Mishima Goh S(138㏄)
Air-Cooled 4 cycle OHV single cylinder engine
Mishima Goh M
Mishima Goh M
Queen Star
Queen Star

At that age, casting and machining engine parts, welding flame were manufactured in four factories in Mishima city.

Factory of casting engine parts
Assembling motorcycle


Deer Bicycle motor (An engine that could attach to a bicycle)
Deer:Bicycle motor
(An engine that could attach to a bicycle)
The worsening of economy condition in Japan due to ceasefire of Korean War, Mishima Motors Co., Ltd. withdrew from the business.
Having capital participation from trading company, we reoccur as Mishima internal‐combustion engine.
Founder late Isaku Suwabe participated as a Director and continued manufacturing motorcycle.
The market of motorcycle industry became hard, he draw hands from manufacturing motorcycles.
Founder late Isaku Suwabe left the company under amicable circumstance.
He was asked to manufacture gas-driven rock drill from UK, and exchanged a contract on February.
Started to sale gas-driven rock drill for the first time in Japan.
Established Maruzen Kogyo Co., Ltd. on November 11.