Leading Innovative Company "Maruzen”

Why Maruzen

1 . Light weight and Compact, but high power!

Compare with pneumatic or electric tools, hydraulic tools are lighter and compact, but more powerful!
Hydraulic tools suit to work in narrow space where heavy construction equipment can’t get into.

Our power unit UH070 is only 40kg and can be carried to the van by yourself, and various types of our products can be used with UH070.

2 . Water-resistant

Unlike electric tools, hydraulic tools can be used in wet conditions and underwater.

3 . Perfect for cold place

The pneumatic breaker will be frozen up in a cold place, but hydraulic tools are no problem by using appropriate hydraulic oil.

4 . Power source

Hydraulic tools can be connected and used with a hydraulic port of excavator, truck, skid loader, and aerial work platform.

Not only our power unit, it depends on the work situation, hydraulic tools can be connected with various type of power source by appropriate oil flow and pressure.


Maruzen has experience being a manufacturer of hydraulic tools for more than 65 years.
Utilizing knowledge and technology cultivated over many years, Maruzen keeps the share of hydraulic handheld tools more than 90% in Japan.

1 . Product

Maruzen has a rich lineup that stuck to high quality and is No.1 backed by many years of experience.
We have unique products other companies do not handle.

2 . Development

Maruzen manufactures a wide variety of products in small quantities to meet the diversifying needs of customers, always aiming to be No. 1 and Only 1, and is working to improve its technology.
Always listen to the needs of customers, partners, and market, to develop new products.

3 . Quality

Maruzen always tries to produce 100% quality so that product troubles do not occur.
Our products has passed severe durability test before mass production and we check the performance all products every shipment.
Even if a problem occurs, we will do our best to solve the problem and improve quality.

4 . Partner

Maruzen has reliable partners all over the world.
They not only sell our products, but also provide excellent after-sales support with a responsibility to customers.
If you are interested in a partnership with us, please feel free to contact us.