Leading Innovative Company "Maruzen”


Maruzen’s Industrial Machinery Department is in charge of all different kinds of OEM or subcontract works for industrial machinery and facilities.



We support our clients for developing and manufacturing all kinds of industrial machinery and facilities. We are the solution for what our clients’ needs.



–We are the perfect subcontractor with great innovation –

Maruzen is staffed with all kinds of specialists, from research and development, parts processing, assemblies, experiment tests and inspections.

Our works include:
1.Based on our clients’ drawings, we manufacture the machinery and facilities.
2.Upon our clients’ requests, we design and manufacture machinery and facility.
3.For particular purpose use, we support our clients from research and development, test production, to commercial production for any new developing machinery and facilities.

Beside above said works, we do manufacturing from single production to mass production, from small machinery to big facilities. We do our best to meet our clients’ needs.



We help the distribution to be more efficient………
Strapping Machines, Packing Machines [OEM]


・Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines
・Compact Automatic Strapping Machines
・Automatic Strapping Machines(Kraft Paper, Film)
・Packing Machines For Newspaper
・Packing Machines For Magazines


We contribute to safety driving………
Automobile Inspection Facility [OEM]


・Inspection lines for all automobile inspection agencies
・Inspection lines for all automobile manufacturers
・Inspection lines for all car dealers and automobile body shops


We help industrials for a breaking through development………

・Labelling Machines For Registered Mail
・Mag Card Inspection Machines
・Sequence Number Inspection Machines

We are confident for your solutions for any design and development of machinery or facility.