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・Impact power 33J!
Double power than existing model (BH051)

・Only 7kg (15lb)!
Perfect for horizontal chipping.

・Suitable for work in cold weather!


Dimension (mm) L458 X W189 X T80
Weight (kg) 7 (15lbs)
Working Pressure (MPa) 8~11 (1060~1595 psi)
Max Pressure (MPa) 21.4 MPa (3104 psi)
Oil Flow (ℓ/min) 20.5 (5 G)
Blow Per Minute 1920
Shank Size (mm) HEX 19 x 50mm (3/4” x 2”)
Coupling 3/8″ Couplers
Allowable Back Pressure (MPa) 2.5
Extension Hose (m) 3/8″×10(when used with unit)
Hydraulic Oil ISO VG32 (Standard) , ISO VG46 or equivalent




Check and confirm if the oil flow and pressure of power source are suitable with the specifications of this tool. Wear appropriate safety equipment when operating this tool.


1. Insert the tool into front end and screw front cap with hand until it is tighten.
2. Make sure that there are no dirt or dust on the couplers before connecting the tool and power source with extension hoses.
3. Start power source and open the oil circuit.
4. Use optional MB48Z034A ECCENTRIC FRONT CAP when using special tools such as cutters.


1. Place the breaker and the breaking object on a right angle and press down the breaker. Grip the control lever to start hammering.
2. Do not hammer the same place for over 30 seconds. If the target object does not break within 30 seconds, change the hammering point.
3. Do not make a blank hammering for over 10 seconds.


1. After operation, stop the power source.
2. Push up the tool to make the piston return to the original position.
3. Detach the extension hoses.
4. Connect both couplers on the breaker to prevent dust and dirt entering.
5. Remove mud and dirt on the breaker.


1.For long-term storage

(1) Connect the breaker to the hydraulic power unit.
Insert a stick (Diameter: ∅12-16mm, Length: over 115mm) into the front end to push up the piston to the upper position.
If the breaker is not connected with the hydraulic power source, pressure cannot be released and the piston cannot be pushed up.
(2) Apply antirust lubricant from the tool insert port.
NOTE: Failure to observe above (1) and (2) can cause piston to be rusted and it might cause oil leaks.
(3) Apply grease to Spring R (59) from the tool insert port.
(4) Clean the entire breaker by damped cloth with oil.
Put a cover on the breaker and keep at the place with low humidity.


Ask Maruzen or authorized service center for periodical inspection.

Inspection Operating Hours
Nitrogen gas charge in accumulator 300 hours or 1 year
Replacement of accumulator diaphragm 500 hours or 2 years
Replacement of each O-ring
Replacement of U-cup packing
Greasing Movable Bush Every 50 hours
Wear of Front Cap
(Refer above for the max limit of use)
Every 1 year

*Accumulator nitrogen gas pressure : 3.4 MPa